The Best ASL Writing Paper

“Do I need to use special paper to write in ASL?”

The answer may be surprising — almost any type of paper can be used for written ASL!

Anything off the shelf at your favorite stationery store works. (In fact, the author of our latest book has a weakness for unique journals and ink pens!)

If you need a little guidance, a common ruled spiral notebook will work very well for your written thoughts. Here’s a quick example:

notebooklined2 The Best ASL Writing Paper

2- and 1- lined ASL writing in a spiral notebook.

Beginning writers might need 2 lines to start with, and more experienced writers can condense to one line. For double-spaced essays and manuscripts, simply ease your pain by skipping a line in between, like what is usually done in written English.

Writers with discerning taste can check out our free wide-ruled and college-ruled ASL writing paper templates at the Resources page. Those templates provide ample room, and if you prefer to pack in your thoughts on single lines, fantastic! The guide keeps you on track.

Simply download and print them out to start writing:

writingsplined2 The Best ASL Writing Paper

2- and 1- lined ASL writing on our custom paper.

The above example is the same wide-ruled design that appears in How to Write American Sign Language. If you enjoy this template, send us an email and let us know — we may even produce a custom journal if there is enough demand!

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