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One of the amazing things about recent technology like the iPad is how quick and easy written ASL emails can be done. For many years, we’ve struggled with fitting our language to English, resorting to video and scanned sketches. The wealth of the iPod and iPad means we can choose any drawing app to write and send our messages.

Simply write, then select the “Send” menu icon:

Wacom Bamboo Paper screen capture

Wacom Bamboo Paper – Send options

Some apps also enable sharing to Twitter and Facebook:

Handwriting by Cocoabox share screen

Handwriting by Cocoabox app share screen

Here are the apps that we use most frequently:

Wacom Bamboo Paper – Free – Companion to the great Bamboo stylus. The orange one is our favorite!

Jotter – $.99 – A quick, inexpensive app for “jotting” down your thoughts.

Penultimate – $1.29 – Cocoabox’s original Handwriting app is great if you already downloaded it, but Penultimate has more options.

Autodesk Sketchbook Pro – $1.99 – A comprehensive drawing app with the greatest flexibility in writing and sharing. (Options for sharing include Flickr and Dropbox.)

Did we miss something you love? Any Android apps you would recommend? Comment and let us know!

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