How Do We “Juggle” in Written ASL?

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Digikat juggling with written ASL for "juggle" in background

Do you know how to juggle in written ASL?

Don’t worry, anyone can do it! First, let’s gather all the ingredients:

Space + Digits + Movement Lines

Space outlineplusDigitsplusmovementmarks

How do the three ingredients come together? Easy! There’s only three steps in the directions:

1) Space

Go ahead and express the ASL word, “juggle!” Where are you signing? Do your hands contact your body? Your hands should be in the neutral space right in front of you, so we begin to write from our perspective as writers. This step is not actually written — it’s kept in your mind.

Space outline

2) Digits

Since our handshapes change during “juggle,” we need to write the first and last handshapes. The digits are shown below.

Digits for Juggling ASL word

3) Movement Marks

Here’s the secret sauce to this recipe! “Juggle” is a two-handed word, with alternating movements. We use the alternating mark on motion lines to show the turn-taking of our hands. Vertical marks demonstrate the up-and-down direction. Finally, endpoints tell us how many times the movements are done.

Juggling ASL word

Then bake in a preheated oven at 350 degrees for 25 minutes — no, we’re kidding! Go ahead and enjoy writing “juggle” right away!

ASL transcription of "Juggle" post

Click text to read at full size!

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