Free Written ASL Valentine’s Day Cards!

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Stores this week are stocked full of Valentine’s Day cards to share with family and friends, but where are the cards in American Sign Language? How can we show affection to each other in a short, sweet note?

Maybe we could go look for the perfect spot with bright lighting where we can take out our expensive iPhones, and then immediately film a one-handed, shaky clip. After trimming and editing the clip we then get ready to send out an email — but wait! There was some spinach hanging off our finger. Time to start all over again —

Or we could simply print out the free Valentine’s Day cards below, write a tender message, and then put them where our family and friends can find them. There’s even a card where you can practice writing using fingerspelling — great for quick, secret notes!

Click to download JPG image.

Click to download JPG image.

Click here to download the PDF version of the cards.

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