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Reader Requests: Happy Halloween and “Tru Biz”

This week we’re introducing a new feature — Reader Requests. There may be some words that are a little tricky to write out, or readers are curious what a particular ASL word looks like. They will also appear in the Writing Dictionary.

Happy Halloween

With a little holiday color, let’s see how we can wish someone a “Happy Halloween”:

Happy Halloween

To see the “halloween” sign in ASL, click here.

The regional sign for “Halloween” in Minnesota is different. The handshape is the same one used for the ASL word “kid,” and edge diacritics show that the handshapes are held with the pinky finger outwards from the face.

Happy Halloween Minnesota Style

Minnesota Style!

Requested by Heather Golob on our Facebook page.

Tru Biz

This ASL word has often been described as untranslatable from English. It’s glossed as “tru biz” or as John Maucere puts it in his show – “tubis.” The gist of its meaning in English is “actually, literally.”

tru biz in written ASL

Most common usage of “tru biz”

Of course, ridiculous situations sometimes require a little extra oomph:

Tru biz in written ASL with a flourish

“Tru biz” with a flourish.

Requested by Engage by Eview on Twitter.

Are there words that you’d like to see in a future Reader Requests? Let us know below!

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