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Advice for a Young ASL Student

We recently had a survey, and one of the questions struck a chord with responders:

“If I could take a trip back in time and give myself advice about learning ASL, I would say…”

The answers everyone wrote were too amazing to not share, so Adrean has distilled them and created a poem. Here it is, in English and ASL!

Advice for a Young ASL Student English/ASL

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Advice for a Young ASL Student

This is for you from me
taking an impossible trip through a time machine
I’d tell you many things
I’d tell your parents to learn ASL
for the entire family
you know science has proven Vitamin ASL is great
for a young brilliant mind
like yours

And this is my message to you

have fun, play in this wonderful language
you are in good hands with the Deaf Community
as a welcomed guest
always mind your manners and look to those
beautiful Deaf hands who can mentor you

and you, wonderful curious you
don’t worry about your mistakes
never mind being perfect
go ahead, leap onto sentences
ride them through to ideas
no need to rush, they are you
exploring the mysterious jungles of ASL

drink it in, dive the waters
there is no better time than now
surround yourself with Deaf adventurers
fall off the English map, shake your comforts
barry a bag full of practice
buried in the scents of Deaf history


you’ll be the one taking the impossible trip
your body responsive to thought
(and yes! pouring with lovely classifiers)
telling another you and you

and you.

Advice from survey respondents at, compiled and creatively written by Adrean Clark.

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