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ASL for America

ASLwrite supports the White House petition asking President Obama to recognize American Sign Language. We need 25,000 signatures by December 12. Please take a few minutes to visit the ASL for America website and sign the White House petition!

HWASL eBook Now Available!

Our readers have been asking about How to Write American Sign Language, saying they’d love to have it in a compact, accessible ebook file. We agree, and now it’s available!

Book and ebook photo

Print book / eBook on the iPad

The great thing about the How to Write ASL ebook is that we’ve made it easy for you to transfer it between different programs and mobile devices. It can even be printed out if you prefer “old-fashioned” paper!

That’s not all — for a limited time, customers who order the print book will also get the ebook version for free. Pop over here to get your own copy of How to Write American Sign Language today!

Independence Day!

Today is Independence Day, the day we celebrate our nation’s freedom. Now the American Signing Community has another reason to celebrate: American Sign Language is now free from the shackles of English!

How to Write American Sign Language is part of a new beginning, one where we can finally record our native thoughts for posterity. Technology at its best is still hard-pressed to replace the faithful motions of our hands, so this book is specifically designed to provide the best writing surface for pen and pencil. It is built for a tactile experience.

Each chapter in this book has clear photographs and illustrations, along with ample practice space. It is a fantastic self-contained course for study at home, or for use in the classroom.

Preorders are now open at the Store. Order an individual book or packs of 5 to learn with your friends!

Happy Fourth of July!

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