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Writing “All Day and All Night”

The ASL words “all day” and “all night” are part of a special class in writing. Normally, one would write them with a digit, but because the location and motion are easily recognizable, the digit is completely dropped.

"All Day" in ASL, drawn and written.

(drawn/written from the perspective of the signer/writer)

This special class is called the dropped indicators. Indicators are marks that summarize and show (or indicate) a signed word or concept. The “dropped” part refers to the unnecessary digit.

Here is the full “all day” word:

All day in written ASL

Night owls go “all night”:

All night in written ASL

Is it possible to combine the two? Yes!

All day and all night in written ASL

Another way to write “all day and all night”:

Alternative way to write all day and all night

Do the visuals help you see the words better? Let us know in the comments below!

To learn more about indicators, check out How to Write American Sign Language.

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