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Guess the Candy

Tomorrow’s Halloween (or “National Candy Holiday” according to some of our family members). As a treat, today’s post has special candy bar/candy logos for you to guess. We’ve spelled out the English names so they should be easy to catch!

Guess the Candy Logos

(Answers at bottom of post.)

If you invented a candy bar, what would you name it in ASL? Let us know below!

ANSWERS: Reese (Reese’s), 3 Musketeers, Pop Rocks, Snickers, and Skittles.

Are ASL Memes Possible?

The internet is filled to the brim with memes — images that capture elements of pop culture and cram them into a single chuckle-inducing package. Usually those images have brief text that delivers a knockout punch.

The idea is fantastic, but what about deaf culture and American Sign Language? Can we fit that in the small space of a meme?

Even Boromir knows this is a challenge:

Boromir meme

To create signing community memes, perhaps we can look at the deaf schools for inspiration. Kids tend to develop their own unique signs or phrases in a rich signing environment. A possible example is the English gloss “258” for “very interesting”:


It’s fun to have both languages stand side-by-side —

but what if we took it one step further?

It’s easy to add written ASL to pictures. Use Photoshop or a free image editor like GIMP, and put a stroke around your writing to make it pop out from the background.

There are few things like the feeling of a finished meme:

So, let your creativity roar. Maybe it’ll even win presidential approval!

Let us know on Twitter or Facebook if you create any ASL memes – we’d love to share them!

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