ASL on the Road

What if the US Government officially recognized American Sign Language, and implemented ASL in essential road and information signs across the country?

This is not unusual as many countries have a multi-lingual policy. Here are a few examples:

roadsigns ASL on the Road

Now, take a trip through a bilingual ASL/English country:

menbathroomsign ASL on the Road

A bilingual ASL-English bathroom sign.

stopsign1 300x198 ASL on the Road

Written ASL alone can work!
(Do you see another ASL-English sign?)

gallaudet ASL on the Road

Gallaudet University in the near future?

To learn more about written ASL, check out How to Write American Sign Language!

Image credits:

Bautzen photograph by j budissin. Gallaudet front entrance photograph by Daniel Lobo. Brittany, Montreal, and Jersey signs are in the public domain, from Wikimedia Commons. Images modified by Adrean Clark.

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