Are ASL Memes Possible?

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The internet is filled to the brim with memes — images that capture elements of pop culture and cram them into a single chuckle-inducing package. Usually those images have brief text that delivers a knockout punch.

The idea is fantastic, but what about deaf culture and American Sign Language? Can we fit that in the small space of a meme?

Even Boromir knows this is a challenge:

Boromir meme

To create signing community memes, perhaps we can look at the deaf schools for inspiration. Kids tend to develop their own unique signs or phrases in a rich signing environment. A possible example is the English gloss “258” for “very interesting”:


It’s fun to have both languages stand side-by-side —

but what if we took it one step further?

It’s easy to add written ASL to pictures. Use Photoshop or a free image editor like GIMP, and put a stroke around your writing to make it pop out from the background.

There are few things like the feeling of a finished meme:

So, let your creativity roar. Maybe it’ll even win presidential approval!

Let us know on Twitter or Facebook if you create any ASL memes – we’d love to share them!

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